Read all questions here before asking in support server

How to Invite the bot?

The bot can be invited from its page on top.gg or here​

How to get support?

You can join the official server called SpamBot Support. Someone will be there to assist you at all times and you will get a reply in less than 12 hours.

Where to vote?

You can vote for the bot here or here​

Where can I give feedback?

Just write $feedback <your feedback> and I will receive your feedback. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Voting Rewards?

They are coming soon, it will give you access to certain hidden commands which cannot be accessed otherwise.
Update:- They're here, start voting and unlock hidden commands!

Donations and rewards

We need your support to grow and thus we ask you for some donation. It can be as low as $2. We will come up with rewards later, however currently there is only 1 tier.
​Donate here​